other options to kill your time on weekend

1. star-trek at IMAX
time > every saturday and sunday at 5pm
venue > IMAX, keong emas, tmii
entrance fee > IDR 50K per seat
[humm.. i heard that there's a buy 1 get 1 free for mandiri debitcard holder until 31st of july, 2009 with max of 5 tickets per transaction]
well.. i know it's a bit oldie for a star-trek while there's transformer euphoria everywhere!! but if you could watch it in a wide screen sized 21.5 m x 29.3 m??? and in 50% disc?? hmm... worth to try, perhaps

2. cinema at 21 and XXI
time > every saturday and sunday, from 20th of june until 19th of july, 2009
venue > Jakarta Theatre XXI, Plaza Senayan XXI, Mal Artha Gading 21, Setiabudi 21, Mega Bekasi XXI, Bandung Indah Plaza 21, Semarang Citra 21, Empire Jogja XXI, Surabaya Town Square XXI, M'Tos 21 Makassar
what offer > buy 1 get 1 free with mandiri debit!! :)

3. midnight sale!!!
time > saturday, 27th of june, 2009 from 9pm to12am
venue > Plaza Semanggi, Cibubur Junction, Gajah Mada Plaza, Pluit Village, Eka Lokasari Bogor, Bandung Indah Plaza, and Sun Plaza Medan (all tenants, i heard?)
facilitator > Yayasan Peduli Kanker Payudara Jakarta (YPKJ)
what to get > disc up to 70% and get free IDR 200K voucher for mamography by spending your 'lil money min of IDR 500K in particular tenant

well, see you around then.....


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