our poem....

I eagerly join you on the path of life,
definitively traced by God's perfect footsteps
I gladly place my heart in your care and accept your love
That I will keep nestled sweetly in my spirit

On this journey of uncertainty that we begin today
Your affection is a beacon of solace and serenity,
that will brighten the days of my life

and will surely lead us on the path of wedded bliss

Your love and devotion has fulfilled my enchanted dreams
That rest on the shoulder's of destiny.
But the warmth of our good intent
Summons the faith that will triumph over Adversity.

We now have the victory of building our nest in God's perfect hands

and We unlock the treasures He has kept safe for us until this union

Anointed in faith and bound by love
our hearts join together in one accord.

Now We are Complete


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